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Located in Asbury Park NJ we offer clear and effective web design paired with an intelligent online marketing strategy will help expand your business quicker than you thought possible. We offer innovative web design solutionsonline marketing solutions, SEOgraphic design, and video production with an eye for detail and support to back it all up.  High Tide builds websites for medium and small businesses, individuals and we also specialized in corporate website design.

                                                WEBSITE DESIGN

Website DesignHigh Tide Web Solutions starts with a thoroughly constructed  plan, crafted after a lot of  research into the standards in your particular field or business. We always start a new project by determining what core ingredients will create the best website design and development for your needs. We will conduct extensive research, exploring current trends in your industry and examining what your competitors are doing. Much of our website design and development comes from a visitor’s perspective, ensuring that our web designers create a site that is truly attractive, feature rich content and is easy to navigate.

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Online MarketingIf your company or organization is using the internet and online marketing to market your business, brand or products, you have probably realized that the only thing that matters is results. The advertisers who are having success aren’t always the ones with the prettiest ads, the cleverest slogans, or even the biggest budgets—they’re the ones with the best strategy. High Tide Web Solutions understands online marketing as a sales medium.

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                                                        SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION

SEOIncrease your online visibility, improve search engine rankings, and bring more qualified prospects to your company’s website. Our SEO solutions will provide your organization with organic SEO search engine optimization solutions that lay the foundation for better visitor conversion and ensure the long-term success of your online marketing efforts.

Our SEO solution consists of three phases: Research, Optimization, and Ongoing Management. All three phases of this SEO search engine optimization program can and will help to improve your sites search engine rankings. Most importantly, they are critical to allowing you to get the most out of your investment in an organic SEO solution.

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BeachPailCircleGood logo and graphic design is one of the key ways to establish yourself as unique in the marketplace. Logo designs should be powerful, but not overly complex, and make an almost instantaneous and memorable impact. We can even create associated stationery packages and business cards that will maximize the impact of your chosen logo design.

Our logo and graphic design services are taken as the whole. We always do our best to provide the most contemporary and outstanding custom logo designs that represent our clients businesses marketing campaigns and brand.

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                                                         VIDEO PRODUCTION

Video ProductionVideo has become an increasingly popular online tool these days. Bloggers, businesses, and website managers have turned to the medium for its ability to diversify their content and bring in more traffic.

From conception to completion, we produce videos for your website, YouTube and other online sites. We produce custom corporate videos of all types to elevate your business, increase your sales and attract new visitors.

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